Saturday, May 22, 2010

Whale sinking

Whale sinking? Yes! It's true! We just completed our very first whale sinking this morning at Mataking island!

On the fine morning of 5th May 2010, while me and my divers on our boat journey back from dive site at Cahaya Way (Bohayan island), we come across a dead body of a whale (which later identified as pilot whale).After discussion with the management of Mataking island and with marine mammals expertise from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (Dr. Saifullah A. Jaaman), we decided to tow the pilot whale back to the island.

So, with the boat 003, we towed the whale back to Mataking island and sink it near eel garden (at shollow reef). However, due to strong current, we have to postpon our work till evening and successfully particially submerge. The next morning, we try to strengthen the rope due to fear that the whale will sweep away by the current, and with two attempt, we finally have it tied well and feel good at our job.

To our astonish, next morning the rope loosen, and the whale drift in front of the resort. Another attempt to tie it to the shallow reef behind Mataking Kecil. And till now, it's in good condition (as in it's not drift away, hehe). Will continue to update on the progress of our whale story=)

Till c!

While towing the whale back

PIlot whale suspected to chocked to death because of the fish in the mouth (see... jangan tamahak)
It takes 40 minutes to tow it back to the island, very very very slow speed...

Eeerrriiiieee look.. 

Not sure what causes this...  What you think? 

Taking tissue sample from the pilot whale for UMS collection

Curious neo & agnese

Really big 'little brother' of the whale XD

The end for this time! Till c again!

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